I made another quick drawing of a Christmas girl, this time with a big gingerbread heart. . Tomorrow I’ll be back to my clay. I received a notice today that it’s arrived and is ready to be picked up. I’ve got another tattooed Santa waiting to be done, and I thought about maybe making a white/silver Santa couple too… What do you think? And what tattoo should next Santa have? Naughty/Nice? Rudolf? Merry? . #santashelper #watercolour #illustration #gingerbread #pepparkaka #jul #christmasfeeling #josefinafreidwallart

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On today’s table, two more angels to be… and I should have started on another Santa couple… But they clay I’m currently working in doesn’t want to cooperate… I had to buy another air drying clay than the one I used on both figurines and bowls. I thought it would work like the other two brands, but nope… It’s all cracks and I reckon I’ll have to wait ’til I get some more of that Das clay that worked so wonderfully. Frustrating! . #paperclay #airdryclay #sculpting #figurines #onmytabletoday #cracks #obstacles

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My latest set of bowls almost finished. They’ll just need a couple of layers of varnish so they’ll be stronger. The bigger bowls are perfect jewellery dishes, and the smallest (that can be hidden in my hand) are like small satellites. . The big silver ring is made by my husband @n_freidwall from the silver spoon I got when I was baptised. It’s been just laying in a drawer, now I can wear it every day. . Both the bowls, and other silver rings by Niklas, you’ll be able to buy at the Christmas market in Älmhult. (If you can’t be there, or wait until December 8-9, you can buy rings from my Etsy-shop. Link in bio… and all the way until December 31 you’ll get 10% off when using the code XMAS18 before checking out.) . #moonbowls #lacebowls #paperclay #spoonrings #julmarknad #älmhultshandelsplats #älmhult #silverrings #josefinafreidwallart #christmasmarket2018 #etsy #etsyshop

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Had to make a watercolour image of Santa’s tattoo. Thinking of scanning and putting it up in the shop… Which reminds me… I’ve got a 10% off of everything in my Etsy-shop! Just add XMAS18 before checking out. This offer runs until the last of December. Every sale helps me keep doing what I love most, and hopefully make the world a lite more colourful and magical… Please check out @justacard and their awesome campaign that works towards helping small businesses like mine to stay alive. Every sale count, and even if you just buy a pin or card from me it means the world to me. ❤ . #supportsmallbusinesses #justacard #buylocal #buysmall #everysalecounts #etsy #etsyshop #supportlocalartists

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