Nordic shawl

After looking and thinking and admired, I finally bought the Nordic shawl pattern made by Annette at My Rose Valley. A post about this pattern you can find at her blog here. She has been a darling and given me some input about yarn choices, since there are no yarn shop where I live that holds the yarn she’s used for the pattern. I’ve seen a couple of photos of different versions of this shawl, all very inspiring. When I first saw this pattern, I thought of a version in colours common in folklore. A shawl in black with red, green and blue in bright colours for the mixed stitches. I finally decided to use Tilda yarn for this and started picking out colours…



Since I was pretty eager last night to start with the shawl, I decided to do some test crocheting with a dark grey I already had… and I actually like it! Maybe a bit softer against the more brighter colours. We’ll see how it turns out.

First thing this morning… well after I left the kid at school…  I went out and bought me some more dark grey Tilda yarn so that I can continue with it today. When I was in the yarn shop anyway… you know how it is… I just couldn’t resist some yarn of Tilda’s limited colours. Let’s call it an early Birthday present for myself. Hehe…
Not sure if I will use them for this shawl though, but the colours were so bright and scrumptious. A beautiful, sort of light emerald green, a turquoise and a bright apple green. The colours doesn’t show up so good in my photo, maybe because I’m using my smart phone… or maybe the Vignette app I’m using…
I also bought a bright orange, but forgot to take a photo of it.


Then to decide what colours I’ll use for the mixed stitches… I think I’ll use the red, coral, emerald green, light green and a turquoise. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll go with the white or the off-white though… So right now my colour mix looks like this, and I think it’ll work well with the dark grey. Thought of adding an orange and a darker blue, like petrol blue… but it didn’t feel right for this. I have feeling there will be, at least, one more shawl… I can see it… Bolder colours… a red or green as base colour… But first I’ll get going with this one and finish it too. Yes!


I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now time for lunch and some crochet… All is good.


Washi love

Yay! It has arrived!
I had to wait less then a week for it. Talk about instant colour gratification.

washi love_1

Since I started using my old Filofax and setting it up as I want it… still a work in progress I might add… I’ve wanted to update my stash with washi tapes. I wanted the thin, 6 mm, type… But I soon realized that it was hard to find where I live, or at any Swedish web site… So my hope went to Etsy and the, almost, endless possibilities there. I soon found a Japanese shop where I could find colours and that sold both 15 mm and 6 mm. It’s called Danica58 and the service was fast, I even got two bonus tapes, one of each width! Extra bonus happiness.
I paid less for these, with freight cost included, then I ever could from a Swedish site! When you live in a small town like this, internet can be a true salvation.

washi love_2

washi love_3

washi love_4

Love the red one with animals on it… and the green and apricot/coral, both in 15 mm and 6 mm. I can’t wait to use them! They will surely brighten up the calendar, and maybe appointments and tasks will feel more easy to do… if I don’t get too distracted by all the happy and joyful colours.

I will soon post another of my crochet projects. A small project that will end up as a gift for my mother… I don’t think she will read this… I hope… Otherwise it wont be a surprise, will it?
Ha! I’ll take the chance, because I can’t hold it a secret much longer.

Don’t forget to breathe and swim on.

Sunburst Granny Square pillow

A lot has happened since my last post. It’s been a tough autumn/winter, which caused me to stay home and take care of myself… but that is a completely different post than this one.

Something that is definitely lifting my spirits is one of my current crochet projects, I do have like five going on right now. It’s going to be a pillow, 50x50cm, maybe with fabric on the back. It’s great to work with! I got the idea and inspiration of this from the lovely Dragana from Dada’s Place. She might use a different palette than me, but gosh I love her creations! If you haven’t  visited her blog yet, I truly recommend you to pay her a visit. Beautiful crochet and beautifully displayed.

nittybits sunburst granny sqaure1

The pattern for my squares is from Nittybits and is called Sunburst Granny Square. It’s a great pattern with lots of pictures, and after you have done a couple of squares you’re pretty much on autopilot… but I do recommend to count anyway… this based on experience… 😉

nittybits sunburst granny sqaure2

The yarn I use is Drops Muskat, it’s a mercerized cotton. I’ve never used this yarn before, but I love it! There’s a wide range of colours, and I like the feel of it. Sometimes it has a tendency to split, mostly when you’re doing stitches that are a bit complicated, like a puff stitch.

nittybits sunburst granny sqaure3

I still have to decide if should crochet the back or if I should use fabric for that. I have a couple of squares to crochet until I have to make a final decision… right now it’s in favour for fabric backing…
I also have another cushion going, using the same pattern, but different colours. It’ll be a gift when it’s finished, I’m only waiting for more yarn that I’ve ordered. Hopefully they’ll be delivered later this week. I’ll show you that in another post.

Until then,
take care and happy swimming.

Big Granny Squares

A lot have happened since last post. I did get the job and we did move. A couple of months filled with stress, nerves and seperation. But now we’re all in place in our new, lovely, flat. We love it! We now have a big balcony, a big bathtub and a fireplace. What more can you ask for?

During the time of separation, I had to move before Nic and little man, I worked up a huge granny square blanket. It started as a stash buster and ended like a challenge to crochet a blanket big enough for my husband… I didn’t take into consideration that he finds most yarns ticklish and itchy… It was a very easy and soothing project to work on, even if I ended up buying new yarn I thought would look nice or if I ran out of a colour…

Big Granny Squares

We love this big throw… Even if it’s not quite finished yet. Some ends to weave in and maybe I’ll add a border. I got the idea of a triangle granny border on the amazing Facebook group, Creative Crochet Crew. I might do something like that… A bit frillyness to a colourful, but rather simple and strict blanket.

Flowers, smoothie and winter sun

Today has been one of these days… I woke up with a migraine that had decided to take its hold behind my left eye and slowly gnaw itself out. I’m always optimistic about these pains and thought that two ordinary painkillers would do, but a couple of hours later I had to admit to myself that I needed a more effective medicine. And after a couple of hours I feel more like my usual self.


Treating myself with a smoothie made of raspberry/banana/orange/yogurt… and a small dose of cream. 😉
It was totally delicious and I couldn’t help to notice that it worked really well with my bobbly flower blanket I’m crocheting right now. It’s a gorgeous pattern to work with and it’s made by the wonderful Revlie over at REVolution. She’s such an inspiration for me, in many ways.

The yarn I’m working in is Drops Paris cotton it’s fantastic to work with, I sort of regret that I decided to use the greens in a different yarn, it’s not as soft… but I do love the colour of it. I’ve come half way in the pattern, but I think that I might need to make it a little bigger… and maybe put a border to it…

bobbly flowers

Otherwise me and my little family are waiting to hear some news about a job at a new museum that’s just starting up. I do believe that they have just recently started the redevelopment of the building. A very exciting project and for me it would be fun and challenging if I were to take part of it. But it would mean some serious moving plans to do if everything goes well. Hopefully I will know next week or two… it’s been a long journey…

Paper balls and Kali


Visar sig att jag har lite problem med att få sidhuvudet att synas… Jobbar på det.

Apperently the graphics isn’t showing as they should… Trying to fix that.

Konst av skräp

Hittade den här konstnären via Facebook, Chris Jordan. Han gör konst av saker vi slänger/överkonsumerar. Helt otroligt… på så många sätt.

Konstverket nedan heter “Return Of The Dinosaurs” från 2011. Den är gjord av 240 000 plastpåsar. Lika många som man räknar med att det används på hela jorden… var 10e sekund!

Chris Jordans hemsida.
Se till att klicka på bilderna för att zooma in!

Found this artist, Chris Jordan, through Facebook. He creates art out of everday garbage. The T-Rex created  above is made by using 240 000 plastic bags, the number of plastic bags used in the whole world… every 10 seconds!