Now available in the shop! New mini and micro Christmas fairies!! ? The ones in the image are the mini ones, around 13 cm in height, and they’re 8 in total. The micro fairies are 9 in total, and measures around 9 cm in height. You can find Santa’s helpers and The Ballerina and her Soldier from the old fairytale by H C Andersen… amongst others. . Link as always in my bio, or go directly to: . #etsy #etsyshop #josefinafreidwallart #josart #fairy #fairies #christmas #gifttoppers #stockingfiller #decoration #treeornament #christmasornaments

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I’m surprised the little kitty cat and the pug hasn’t gone yet… but I think I’ll do some more fairies tomorrow… Maybe time for some more Yule/Christmas themed ones? There’s still Halloween fairies, both mini and micro. (You’ll find them under the Halloween section.) . You’ll find them all over at my Etsy-shop. Link in bio, or go to: . #etsy #etsyshop #fairies #fairy #christmas #halloween #josefinafreidwallart #kittycat #pug

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Händer som Skapar

The title means hands that create. It’s an exhibition by the Swedish Handicraft organisation where I live. It’s an organisation with ties to the Swedish arts & crafts movement, and with traditional crafting.They’re celebrating 100 years this year, and to celebrate this they’ve invited around 300 artists and crafters to showcase their work. I contributed with this shadow box.

shadow box

The exhibition is at the Smålands Museum in Växjö, and if you want to check it out it’s there until the end of August.