Spring cleaning

Well, it might be a little early for that since it’s probably a couple of months before we actually can call it spring.

But I have however cleaned out all the spam, about 2500 posts, from the blog, installed another spam filter, and made commentary possible again. I had to shut that option down since I was rapidly drowning in spam posts.

It feels really liberating. I’ve dragged myself from doing it and since I didn’t fix the problem I didn’t feel like posting new stuff. A catch 22 if you like.

But I’ve created so much since my last post. I even had time to create some albums and journals as gifts for Christmas. I’ll see if I can find time to post pictures of some of them and maybe some pics from our Christmas too. This winter has not been so white as some of the family members wanted, but eating candy and being home from school helped a bit.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your new year will be fantastic!
See you around soon.

Love Josefina

Tea with saffron buns



We’re on vacation. The first days of your vacation is like Friday afternoon… only longer. Love it!

We’ve gone to our cottage, hanging out with my brother- and sister-in-law. Today it’s raining, but that’s OK. I’ve done some crochet, gone to the small flee market and even did some cleaning!
Ha! Now I don’t have to do anything more today… maybe play some games.



The crochet pattern is from A Creative Being and is called Picots and Petals Mandala, you can find it here. Loved working with this pattern! It worked up really fast, especially as I used Drops Paris cotton and a 4 mm hook.
The interesting part was that when I added red it suddenly turned to a Christmas doily…


We went to the small flee market up the road after lunch and I found a small book and two small boxes. The book I’m going to alter into a small art journal, only using the covers. The boxes, I think I can use for some alteration and assemblage. Almost the best thing is that they were free! My husband bought a soda siphon and we got my things without any cost. Isn’t that great!?


In the afternoon my mother-in-law invited us for some freshly baked vanilla buns and chocolate cake. Totally delish.


Pretty much a perfect start to a vacation.

Hope all is good with you. Whether you’re on vacation or not.
See you!