Pieces coming together. ☺ The bird is in place, soon I’ll have the bottom plate and face in place too. I’ve totally winged it with this one… and it’s been a struggle… Next one will be easier, I hope… ? The hardest part has been figuring out how to attach the different parts together. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this tomorrow. . #wirecagedoll #bird #redcrow #birdcage #assemblage #mixedmedia #piecebypiece #josefinafreidwallart

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This stern looking old king, maybe King Winter, is not getting any attention apparently… Maybe his patriarchal days are over? Maybe he’s suffering from stiff joints, maybe arthritis? Can’t be easy ruling over Winter Wonderland when the whole body ache. ? Please, go and show him and the other Christmas fairies some love in my Etsy-shop. . Link in bio. ? . #kungbore #patriarch #kingwinter #fairy #fairies #christmas #christmasornament #julgransdekoration #etsy #etsyshop #josefinafreidwallart #ornaments

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Pretty chuffed with how this paper clay moon face turned out. Will have to fix some small details after it’s dried…. In the mean time I’m joining @daniellepioliart in her quest to support the art community. ? Since a lot of my business also comes through Instagram, it’s a bit unsettling to hear that they make it harder for us doing just that. Let’s help eachother out! “Rules below: FEEL FREE TO REPOST OR POST YOUR OWN IMAGE, LET’S USE THE HASHTAG #artistssupportingartists Alright, so we have fellow artists struggling with Instagram’s awful algorithms (I am one of those, and this is 90% of my business, so I freak out a lot), and I thought we could help each other out a little bit. Here’s how it goes: ✨Leave a comment down below, choose an artist from the comments section and go to their page and leave a LIKE and a COMMENT on at least one of their posts! FOLLOW them if you like what you see! Let’s bring the engagement up and support the art community!! ? ??GO.” . #showyoursupport #arttribe #weareallinittogether #artcommunity #onlineartists #artistssupportingartists #supportsmallbusinesses

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