I mention it from time to time, and I try to be open with it… But I realise, and notice, that it’s hard for both family, friends, acquaintances, and even medical personell, to understand. But when you meet me in any given moment, anywhere, or when I post and chat with you on-line, I have/are about to have/or just had a migraine, or headache. I live with this, and have done so the last 13 years. These migraines appeared right after my pregnancy with our son, and were terrible. . They’ve changed a bit lately. I don’t get as heavy migraine attacks any longer, but it’s never the less a slow steady headache I constantly have to deal with. This makes it hard to plan, both work and family time, and I avoid big parties and wear sun glasses when the sun is too bright. I don’t share this to get sympathy or remedies, but I need you to know why I say no to events and such. Why I constantly cancel arrangements, or rarely set them up. . I’m currently digging into finding a solution with my doctor, and have so far tried migraine yoga and acupunture, without no success. Right now I’m so tired, I’ve had some really bad weeks, and it just grinds you down. So if I’m not so active on-line at the moment, this is why… . And please, if you have anyone in your circle who suffers from migraine, help them any way you can. A migraine is NOT a headache! They can be quite crippling, and are triggered by so many factors as there are people having them. . #migraine #headache #cronicheadaches #cronicmigraine #migrainawareness #cronicpain #sickgirlsclub #cansomeoneamputatemyheadplease

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