Washi love

Yay! It has arrived!
I had to wait less then a week for it. Talk about instant colour gratification.

washi love_1

Since I started using my old Filofax and setting it up as I want it… still a work in progress I might add… I’ve wanted to update my stash with washi tapes. I wanted the thin, 6 mm, type… But I soon realized that it was hard to find where I live, or at any Swedish web site… So my hope went to Etsy and the, almost, endless possibilities there. I soon found a Japanese shop where I could find colours and that sold both 15 mm and 6 mm. It’s called Danica58 and the service was fast, I even got two bonus tapes, one of each width! Extra bonus happiness.
I paid less for these, with freight cost included, then I ever could from a Swedish site! When you live in a small town like this, internet can be a true salvation.

washi love_2

washi love_3

washi love_4

Love the red one with animals on it… and the green and apricot/coral, both in 15 mm and 6 mm. I can’t wait to use them! They will surely brighten up the calendar, and maybe appointments and tasks will feel more easy to do… if I don’t get too distracted by all the happy and joyful colours.

I will soon post another of my crochet projects. A small project that will end up as a gift for my mother… I don’t think she will read this… I hope… Otherwise it wont be a surprise, will it?
Ha! I’ll take the chance, because I can’t hold it a secret much longer.

Don’t forget to breathe and swim on.

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