Sunburst Granny Square pillow

A lot has happened since my last post. It’s been a tough autumn/winter, which caused me to stay home and take care of myself… but that is a completely different post than this one.

Something that is definitely lifting my spirits is one of my current crochet projects, I do have like five going on right now. It’s going to be a pillow, 50x50cm, maybe with fabric on the back. It’s great to work with! I got the idea and inspiration of this from the lovely Dragana from Dada’s Place. She might use a different palette than me, but gosh I love her creations! If you haven’t  visited her blog yet, I truly recommend you to pay her a visit. Beautiful crochet and beautifully displayed.

nittybits sunburst granny sqaure1

The pattern for my squares is from Nittybits and is called Sunburst Granny Square. It’s a great pattern with lots of pictures, and after you have done a couple of squares you’re pretty much on autopilot… but I do recommend to count anyway… this based on experience… 😉

nittybits sunburst granny sqaure2

The yarn I use is Drops Muskat, it’s a mercerized cotton. I’ve never used this yarn before, but I love it! There’s a wide range of colours, and I like the feel of it. Sometimes it has a tendency to split, mostly when you’re doing stitches that are a bit complicated, like a puff stitch.

nittybits sunburst granny sqaure3

I still have to decide if should crochet the back or if I should use fabric for that. I have a couple of squares to crochet until I have to make a final decision… right now it’s in favour for fabric backing…
I also have another cushion going, using the same pattern, but different colours. It’ll be a gift when it’s finished, I’m only waiting for more yarn that I’ve ordered. Hopefully they’ll be delivered later this week. I’ll show you that in another post.

Until then,
take care and happy swimming.

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