Big Granny Squares

A lot have happened since last post. I did get the job and we did move. A couple of months filled with stress, nerves and seperation. But now we’re all in place in our new, lovely, flat. We love it! We now have a big balcony, a big bathtub and a fireplace. What more can you ask for?

During the time of separation, I had to move before Nic and little man, I worked up a huge granny square blanket. It started as a stash buster and ended like a challenge to crochet a blanket big enough for my husband… I didn’t take into consideration that he finds most yarns ticklish and itchy… It was a very easy and soothing project to work on, even if I ended up buying new yarn I thought would look nice or if I ran out of a colour…

Big Granny Squares

We love this big throw… Even if it’s not quite finished yet. Some ends to weave in and maybe I’ll add a border. I got the idea of a triangle granny border on the amazing Facebook group, Creative Crochet Crew. I might do something like that… A bit frillyness to a colourful, but rather simple and strict blanket.

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