Flowers, smoothie and winter sun

Today has been one of these days… I woke up with a migraine that had decided to take its hold behind my left eye and slowly gnaw itself out. I’m always optimistic about these pains and thought that two ordinary painkillers would do, but a couple of hours later I had to admit to myself that I needed a more effective medicine. And after a couple of hours I feel more like my usual self.


Treating myself with a smoothie made of raspberry/banana/orange/yogurt… and a small dose of cream. 😉
It was totally delicious and I couldn’t help to notice that it worked really well with my bobbly flower blanket I’m crocheting right now. It’s a gorgeous pattern to work with and it’s made by the wonderful Revlie over at REVolution. She’s such an inspiration for me, in many ways.

The yarn I’m working in is Drops Paris cotton it’s fantastic to work with, I sort of regret that I decided to use the greens in a different yarn, it’s not as soft… but I do love the colour of it. I’ve come half way in the pattern, but I think that I might need to make it a little bigger… and maybe put a border to it…

bobbly flowers

Otherwise me and my little family are waiting to hear some news about a job at a new museum that’s just starting up. I do believe that they have just recently started the redevelopment of the building. A very exciting project and for me it would be fun and challenging if I were to take part of it. But it would mean some serious moving plans to do if everything goes well. Hopefully I will know next week or two… it’s been a long journey…

Paper balls and Kali

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